Michael J. Cohen

Creative Director / Brand Consultant

TNM Marco Polo

One of the unique challenges of design within a corporate setting is having to adapt to changes in business strategy. The TNM Marco Polo brand was the result of one of these adaptations. This project went by several names before the folks in charge landed on the moniker, so I had to design a visual identity without knowing the final name of the product.

To do it, the marketing team zeroed in on the product personality itself. We wanted something hi-tech and energetic to lend a bit of fun to an otherwise dry interface (there’s only so much User Joy to be found in mining and metals data). We found these great vector illustrations and colour matched them to the larger TNM Group branding and voila.

This product was also the debut of the TNM brand mark, also present on the product TNM Membership, which was designed to bring some unity to the two products, as they would be sold in a package together.

You know, I'm something of a graphic designer myself