Michael J. Cohen

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Force Perspectives

Force Perspectives is a Star Wars podcast covering movies, tv shows, and general nonsense from A Galaxy Far, Far Away, hosted by Michael J. Cohen (oh wait, that’s me).

You’re going to see a lot of my podcast brands in this portfolio, because honestly, I’m pretty proud of them. 

In 2022, I wanted to shift focus a bit from the previous style of podcasting I was doing into something a bit more focused on the fandom itself, and what makes a Star Wars fan. With that shift came a new name, and of course, a new logo. The Force Perspectives logo is a call back to the original Star Wars logo used on posters and promotional material. I found the best font match I could, and made a lot of simple modifications myself. *wink*

I paired the new logo with a fun, stylized starfield pattern, and et voila, a Star Wars podcast brand that is instantly recognizable to fans without using copyrighted iconography.

This is also part of the larger ThunderQuack family of podcasts, so there’s some co-branding there to consider. You can learn more about that process in my ThunderQuack Case Study (Coming Soon).

You know, I'm something of a graphic designer myself